Imprinted concrete is probably the hardest-wearing surface for a driveway. The concrete is mixed and poured on-site and then whilst wet, is imprinted with a pattern via large mats and the chosen colour is put into the surface using Colour Surface Hardener.

When first laid the surface is sealed with a solvent-based sealer to protect and beautify the surface, leaving it with a damp-look sheen to bring out the colour. When sealed with a high quality sealant, this should last 3 to 5 years depending on weathering, sunlight and the level of vehicle traffic.

If left for too long, the colour can start to go out of the surface, leaving a patchy look. We can put the colour back by skilfully tinting the sealant with a colour tint, which are available in around 20 industry-standard colours.

Our Imprinted Concrete repair and restoration procedure is:

  • Pressure wash the surface using our professional-grade equipment 
  • After 1-2 days drying time, we can fill any cracks larger than hairline with a Crack Repair Compound
  • Seal the surface using 2 coats of Imprinted Concrete Sealer using a colour tint only if needed to give the best long-term finish

As a finishing touch, we fill any expansion joints with Silicone Sealant specifically designed for this application