Decking has become a very popular surface as it makes a good looking level base for garden furniture and it raises your exterior entertaining area above muddy or damp ground. It can give you a very pleasant place to sit in your garden.

However, it isn't maintenance-free!

Like any exterior horizontal surface, decking will get dirty and attract fungal growths which can prove to be very slippery underfoot when wet or damp. We recommend a careful pressure wash to remove this growth from the wooden decked area taking care not to mark the wood which can happen if pressure washed carelessly. We can also clean wooden balustrading and garden furniture.

After a few days drying-time we strongly recommend that a quality Liberon decking oil is applied to give protection, nourish the wood and beautify the surface.

We can be found cleaning wooden decking in gardens from Coventry to Sutton Coldfield and from Rugby to Nuneaton and and Solihull.