Allow us to restore your driveways and patios back to their best with our professional jet washing and pressure cleaning service. Why fork out a fortune to re-lay your drive or put down a new patio, when we can refurbish it back to its original condition for a fraction of the price?

Driveways laid in block paving are very popular in the West Midlands. When first laid in either the traditional herringbone pattern or the contemporary tumbled blocks, this can be the best looking driveway surface, giving the most appearance-enhancing effect to your home.

If only they stayed looking that way! The joints between the blocks are filled with sand which tend to attract moss and weed growth and the blocks themselves are quite porous, meaning they retain water which can make them attractive to algae and lichen which are seen as spots on the surface.

Midlands Cleaning offer a complete cleaning, sanding and sealing process which can renovate even very tired-looking block paving and crucially, take big steps to stop it looking like that in the future.

Our procedure to renovate block paving is usually:

  • Pre-treat with weedkiller and leave for several days
  • Pressure wash thoroughly, taking care to get as much general dirt and sand out of the joints as possible to a depth of 20-25mm
  • Leave to dry for several days, then sweep new kiln-dried sand into the joints

Block Paving Sealer will set the jointing sand solid, meaning moss or weed growth can't take hold. This product also beautifies the surface, leaving it with a quality sheen and protects against oil stains or any type of staining.

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