The biggest growth area we have seen in recent times is in cleaning and restoring natural stone surfaces, usually various types of Sandstone, including Indian Sandstone and Limestone including Black Limestone, but also Granite and Slate.

These natural stone surfaces look beautiful when first laid but owners often report that they don't stay looking like that for long! Sandstone and Limestone are very porous so tend to stay damp for longer, leading to green growths such as moss, algae and lichens taking hold on the surface and also getting into the stone to a degree.

Driveways laid in block paving are very popular in the West Midlands. When first laid in either the traditional herringbone pattern or the contemporary tumbled blocks, this can be the best looking driveway surface, giving the most appearance-enhancing effect to your home.

In addition, all exterior horizontal surfaces will get dirty over time. This is where we can help:

With professional equipment and trained staff, we can clean your surface using high pressure water and after a few days drying-time, sealing it with the appropriate Natural Stone or Concrete Sealer. These provide protection against stains, slow down the process of the surface getting dirty and make it much easier to clean when it does become dirty. If you choose, they can also have a colour-enhancing effect on the surface.

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